Yankton South Dakota Caters


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A’viands Mount Marty College Dining
1105 W. 8th St.
(605) 668-1550
Full service dining establishment that offers on and off campus catering.

Backroad Bar BQ
55698 898th Rd., St. Helena, NE
(south of Discovery Bridge)
(402) 667-7262
Backroad Bar BQ is the areas only
authentic BBQ.  Everything is homemade; from the sauces to the rub and salads. 

We cater anything you wish!

Counterfeit Catering
4200 Alphose Road
(605) 760-9084

At Counterfeit we want to make your
experience as unique as
possible, we want to
get to know
what you love, and plan a menu

around you.

Hillcrest Golf & Country Club
2206 Mulberry St.
(605) 665-4522

Hy-Vee Kitchen
2100 Broadway Ave.
(605) 665-3412
Catering Menu available. Since our
stores operate independently, each
store offers its own selection of
choices and prices. If you would like
to receive information or discuss your special requests with Hy-Vee
employees, you may contact the
store in person – or write us
through our Web site’s “Contact Us”
form and we will forward your
request to the store or stores of
your choice.

JoDean’s Steakhouse & Lounge
2809 Broadway Ave.
(605) 665-9884





The Landing Restaurant & Lounge
104 Capitol St.
(605) 664-2779
Catering menu available at location or off-site.

Minervas Grill & Bar
1607 E. Hwy. 50
(605) 664-2244
Catering menu available. Offers a
with variety — crisp salads to
pastas to mouth-watering steaks.
Connected to Best Western Kelly Inn
and Convention Center.

Murdo’s Aten Resort
55421 Hwy. 121 (Crofton, NE)
(402) 388-4455
Scenic view of the Missouri National Recreational River and specializes
in walleye.

Rollin Smoke BBQ
300 N. Washington Ave.
Mission Hill, SD
(605) 660-9975
BBQ Company that started from
the love of BBQ competitions and
has grown into a catering business
from there. Get all things BBQ and
the sides from us.

Subway Sandwich Shop
1700 Broadway Ave.
(605) 665-8506

3001 Broadway Ave.
(605) 665-1425
(605) 665-2426 Bakery/Deli







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