Group Tours

 Group Tours in Yankton, South Dakota

Welcome Group Tours!

The Yankton Convention & Visitors Bureau is here to make your tour experience to Yankton easy, exciting and fun!

Yankton offers unique opportunities for group tours.

We have a sample itinerary to get the ideas rolling. Or contact us to develop a customized itinerary that meets your group’s needs.

Services and information provided by the Convention and Visitors Bureau for group tour planners include:
    * Catering, dining and location assistance
    * Group Tour Theme Ideas
    * Personalized itineraries
Convention Welcome/Programming
          ~ Convention and Visitors Bureau representative
          ~ Mayor or other Yankton dignitary
          ~ “Meet and Greet” service including cookies and a beverage upon arrival at
               your lodging (if overnight)
          ~ Visitor bags and/or Yankton information for event
(overnight stay a requirement)

Sample Itinerary

Call Today!
Call the Convention and Visitors Bureau today at (800) 888-1460 or e-mail us at Let our professional and friendly staff bring you one step closer to a unique and fun adventure!


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