CVB Services

 Convention and Visitors Bureau Services in Yankton, SD

The Yankton CVB offers the following services for meeting and group tour planners:

Planning Assistance

    * Catering, dining and location assistance
    * Convention theme development
    * Ideas for speaker and entertainment programs
    * Personalized itineraries
    * Spousal and youth program coordination
    * Tours of area attractions

Publicity Coordination
    * Listing your event on our Calendar of Events
    * News conference coordination
    * News release distribution

Registration Services

    * On-site registration assistance
    * Stick on name badges
    * Security shirts available

Convention Welcome/Programming
    * Chamber of Commerce representative
    * Convention and Visitors Bureau representative
    * Mayor or other Yankton dignitary
    * “Meet and Greet” service including cookies and a beverage upon arrival at
your lodging (if overnight)
    * Visitor bags and/or Yankton information for event

We will help you find the right venue for your event and lodging facilities for your guests. We are here to help you. Just send us your specifications and we’ll assist you along the way.

Is your event expanding? Or would you like to bring a new convention or event to Yankton. Apply for funding with the Yankton Convention and Event Application.

For more information about Yankton or about how the CVB can assist you plan your event please call (800) 888-1460 or e-mail


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